4.) Carvings

There are virtually limitless possibilities with regards to what can be carved on a monument. Often someone will choose something that best represents who the person was. Some of the things that can be put on a monument are:

  • Family Name
  • Individual's name(s)
  • Birth/Death dates
  • Flowers as an accent (if the design permits)
  • An image representative of a person's life (if the design permits)

Choose carvings such as:

3.) Color of Granite

Granite comes in many different colors. These colors depend on where the granite is quarried. Some are mined the the US, while others are only available from countries such as India.

Below are some of the most common colors we use. Note that Granite can be both unique and amazing beautiful, so much so that the swatches down below, though helpful to demonstrate colors, often can't do justice to the high quality granite we use.

Monuments 101

The basics of designing a monument

Designing a monument can be an intimidating process. There can be literally millions of options and possibilities. We will help you with a design as simple or complicated and inexpensive or extravagant as you envision. In the end, you will have created a beautiful work of art suitable for the ages!

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1.) The Type of Monument

The type of monument depends on the person's wishes and their plans for burial. Will it be traditional or cremation, above or below ground? We can help with any of the options below, including:

  • Traditional Headstone
  • Mausoleum
  • Columbarium (a monument to intern cremated remains)
  • Memorial Bench
  • Statues

Please note: many cemeteries have specific rules and regulations with regards to size, shape and type of monuments that limit what can and cannot be placed at a grave site. Be sure to check with the cemetery caretaker, or us at A.D. Titus Monuments to ensure what you want is allowed.

** Though we can assist you with purchasing any of the monument types listed above, for the purpose of simplification, the remaining steps assume a traditional monument was chosen.

2.) Shape

  • Slant:

 One of the most common styles of monument, and a very cost-effective option. Can be placed on a base to provide a more finished look and to raise the monument up from the surrounding grass.  


                             Slant with a base                                     Slant without a base

  • Upright

This is also known as a tablet/base combination and can be as large or small as you envision. The tablet is the stone that sits upright on the base and is where the names, dates and images are carved.


                                                             Upright Monument

  • Bevel Marker

The bevel marker is a stone that sits mostly flat, but the face where the carvings are placed is slightly angled relative to the ground. This is one of the least expensive options. 

                                                                Bevel Marker

  • Grass Marker

Grass markers are placed flat in the ground with the surface often flush with the grass. This can be one of the least expensive options, depending on size. Note that some cemeteries accept only grass markers.

                                                                 Grass Marker

  • Benches

Benches can be a unique option as a monument. They can often provide a quiet place for loved ones to sit and reflect, remember, or just rest. Benches are available in virtually every granite color, and come in widths from 2' to 6'+, with back and without.

                                                                 Bench with a back

  • Bronze Markers

We offer a full range of bronze custom plaques in many sizes and shapes. Whether creating a companion bronze to match a VA plaque, or a completely unique design, A.D. Titus Monuments can do it all.