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frequently asked questions

Someplace else has given me a cheaper price. Why should I choose A.D. Titus?

We pride ourselves on the value we provide to our customers. We have stayed in business for more than 120 years by giving customers the highest quality product at a fair price. As the only full time monument shop that's been around since 1897, Monuments and their related services are what we do! Monuments are our specialty, not a side-business. We don't believe in taking advantage of any customer, especially at a time of grief. We do however, strongly believe that our prices are the fairest (and often the lowest) that you will find. Is it possible to find a cheaper price? Of course it's possible. If you do, please take a moment to question why. Look at the workmanship and the quality of the carvings. Are they low-detail or generally 'cheap' looking? What about the granite? Are they using inferior-quality granite (often times coming from China)? Please call us. We would be happy to discuss the details with you. If you find that it truly is a better deal, by all means we encourage you to go with it.

We pledge to use the highest quality materials and exceptional workmanship to create a lasting monument that meets your budget.

How long will my monument take to complete?

Each monument is a unique piece of artwork that is custom-designed to memorialize a person's life. Most monuments take between 90 and 120 days to complete. This estimate is based on a number of factors including what time of year the monument is ordered, if the stone is a custom size/shape, completion of the foundation, etc., and therefore may take longer.

What's a foundation, how much does it cost, and why does it sometimes take so long?

Each completed monument is set in the cemetery on a concrete foundation. The foundation is generally dug in about 3-4 feet down in the ground to prevent heaving from the winter frost. This solid place to set the monument is the best defense against tipping, movement, etc. that without it, can happen over time, especially in a climate such as is found in WNY. 

In most cases, cemeteries dig and pour their own foundations. Consequently, prices for this service vary, as does the time it takes to complete. Some cemeteries only pour foundations once or twice per year, while others pour throughout the spring/summer/fall seasons. Contact the cemetery caretaker or A.D. Titus Monuments for an estimate on the expected cost and time.

We will handle arranging the order for the foundation, so you, as the customer have one less thing to worry about. We will simply pass this cost through to you. (This is the only cost not included in the cost of the monument.) Rest assured however, unlike many other monument dealers, we DO NOT mark up the cost of the foundation in any way. 

Are there special benefits for Veterans?

Yes. The US Department of Veteran's Affairs does currently provide a benefit to qualifying veterans. Most service members, granted an honorable discharge, are eligible to receive either a granite grass marker or a bronze plaque that can be mounted on an existing monument in recognition of their service. Contact A.D. Titus Monuments to learn more.

I live out of the area, but would like to place a monument in a cemetery in your area, can A.D. Titus help?

Yes! We have worked with many customers from out of the area to design and place a monument locally. Thanks to technology we can work with you to design a monument remotely via e-mail, or even through the good ole' U.S. mail if necessary. Give us a call and we can walk you through the process. 

How much does a monument weigh?

It depends on what color granite and what size and shape the monument is. The weight of granite depends on the color of the granite you choose. Granite weighs between 150 and 200 pounds per cubic foot. Therefore, the average monument typically weighs between 600 and 1000 pounds!

Is there a warranty on a monument?

Yes! We warranty forever and always that our monuments will not check, crack, or disintegrate from normal exposure to the elements in any season or any climate.

Why are monuments made of granite?

Granite is one of the hardest natural substances used by man. Years ago, monuments were made of marble or sandstone, both of which when compared to granite, are relatively soft, and eventually can wear away when exposed to the elements. Granite, on the other hand, is one of the hardest natural substances,  and so consequently, it will not weather or wear, and will last virtually forever!

Do monuments need maintenance?
Each and every monument is designed to last virtually forever. However, as with all things constantly exposed to the elements, occasionally, monuments may need some basic attention to keep them looking like new. For example, monuments placed in the shade of trees may experience some moss growth, while lighter colored granite monuments may start to look a little dirty due to exposure to pollutants in the air. Give us a call and ask us about our cleaning and restoration services.