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Granite is a naturally occurring resource that is quarried around the world. Different colors of granite are native to different countries. Some colors are only available from certain regions of the world, while others are native to many locations, though its shades, colors, and most important, quality can vary significantly. 

If having a memorial that is 'Made in the USA' is important to you, there are options! We at A.D. Titus Monuments also believe that America is the greatest country in the world, and therefore we should be supporting domestically produced products whenever possible. Because of this, we use production supplies such as stencil and glues that are produced in the USA. Secondly, we offer many colors of granite that are quarried in the USA, including our Barre Grey and in Canada, such as North American Pink (a.k.a. Mountain Rose). Other less common colors are also available domestically.

Be sure to speak with us about all the 'Made in the USA' options when you visit our gallery.